Why High North Norway

Green Low Cost Power

Reduce the energy consumption and climate impact with renewable energy. The power supply in the northern region has the highest renewable share and the lowest emission in Europe today. The country’s flexible hydropower ensures efficient energy supply, a green carbon-free footprint and a secure supply. With a surplus of 5 – 7 TWH/year in the region of Nordland county, we are perfect for power-intensive industry. Government tax on electric power for data centre is only EUR 0,48/Mvh. We are proud to offer green, predictable, low priced, secure and stable power supply.

Electrical grid rate in the county of Nordland - Norway - is highly favourable.
Companies with continuous high power consumption will receive significant discount.


High North Norway has a natural cold climate which provides efficient cooling with low power consumption. The cold climate reduces cooling costs, meaning the region is well situated for continued growth in the data centre industry. We have clean and cold air, free from pollution, which makes air cooling easy, safe and cost effective. The region can also provide a large amount of clean and fresh cold water 24/7 all year round.


Norway is a country with political stability, low crime rate and no issues with natural disasters. Our Government provides sound framework conditions to strengthen potential in economic growth. Especially with an ideal tax reform, reducing the consumer tax on electricity delivered to large data centres. The country can also be fond of our low criminal rate and is named one of the happiest country’s in the world to live in. Natural disasters is not an issue in High North Norway, we do not experience hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes and tsunami. We are also a trusting country to do business in.


The northern region of Norway has access to multiple robust fibre optic networks. Dark fiber can be provided from several providers with connections to international networks.

Norway as a Data Centre Nation

The Norwegian Government wants Norway to be an attractive nation for establishing data centre industry.

Savills World Research, European Datacentres

European Datacentres Nordics, the rising star out of the cloud.

By far, Norway tops the league of our benchmarked countries. The country
has the best grade in nearly all of the parameters selected in the benchmark.
Where Norway really stands out is the availability of fresh water, the amount of
energy production per capital and the availability of green energy per capital
which is between 8 and 11 times higher than the average of the 20 countries

Doing Business in Norway

Norway ranks top 10 of 189 countries on ease of doing business. It is a politically stable country, modern and highly developed country with a population of 5,1 million people. Because of the high standard of living and quality of health, the purchasing power of the citizens is comparable to larger economies. Learn more about the corporate tax system, how to set up a business in Norway and read about our business culture.

Data Centre Risk Index

According to Cushman and Wakefield Data Centre Risk Index, Norway is top ranked as a host for data centres.

The Norwegian power system

Grid connection and licensing

Many data center developers are currently considering Norway as a host country for new sites. This information sheet provides information about the Norwegian power system, the process of connecting new data centers to the grid and connection costs in Norway, as well as links for more information. This information also applies for the connection of new industry.